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Small chocolate candies made from a humanoid-shaped mold that gave the treats their baby-like appearance. Typically sold in bulk for a penny-a-piece, they were renamed "Chocolate Babies" in the 1960s and were eventually sold in a box.
"And gimme a half-pound of nigger babies for little Cyrus", Grandma told the grocer.
by Guy Dalziel February 28, 2006
Area of a slaughterhouse where animal carcasses unfit for human consumption are rendered into useful materials such as glue.

As an English colloquial expression, it is used to describe a person or object that is spent beyond all reasonable use, as in "He is only fit for the knacker's yard".
"If Barry Bonds' knee gets any worse, the only trade the Giants will find possible is one with the knacker's yard".
by Guy Dalziel August 02, 2006
A person, primarily a physician and more specifically a gynecologist, or other professional such as a midwife whom deals with pregnant girls and women , who induces an abortion, i.e. the termination of a pregnancy, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus; an abortionist.
"Where's Brenda?"

"She off to see the cunt mechanic, today!" Louise said breezily.

Midge grunted. "Poor kid."
by Guy Dalziel February 28, 2006
A card-dealer at high-stakes poker who is adroit at manipulating the cards in the deck to favor one player over another.
"Don't worry kid," Shooter said, "No one will know. I'm one helluva mechanic."

-- Richard Jessup, "The Cincinnati Kid"
by Guy Dalziel February 28, 2006

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