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3 definitions by Guy 99999999999999999999999999

1. A fuckface who works at McDonalds.

2. Any fuckface to whom one wants to talk down.

3. Phony last name used to replace someone's last name that begins with Mc-.

4. Jesus' dick, which feels better in the butt than in your mouth.
1. Guy: That McFuckface didn't give me any fries.

2. Guy: Excuse me, McFuckface, was I talking to you?

3. Guy 1: Hey, here comes Jim McFuckface!

Guy 2: Come on, man. His name's Jim McPeters.

4. Guy: I told you, put McFuckface in my ass! That's where it belongs!

Jesus: Fuck you! It's going in the mouth!
by Guy 99999999999999999999999999 December 12, 2008
50 5
A phrase shouted Jesus when he has become aroused by the sight of a man and intends to pursue him. Jesus will use his tendrils to grab hold of the man, immobilizing him until Jesus forces the man's penis into butt dick butt.
Guy 1: "Oh, shit, here comes Jesus, and he looks horny!"

Guy 2: "Get away!"

Jesus: "Bis hop a bis hoppin' hop to different doorways in a maze!"

Guy 1: "It's too late! He's got me by the dick with his tendrils!"
54 20
Jesus' butt, which has been fucked more than anything else in history, also known as Jesus' arse ass
Guy: "I love butt dick butt, and by that I mean that I dick it. It feels good."
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