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1. A fuckface who works at McDonalds.

2. Any fuckface to whom one wants to talk down.

3. Phony last name used to replace someone's last name that begins with Mc-.

4. Jesus' dick, which feels better in the butt than in your mouth.
1. Guy: That McFuckface didn't give me any fries.

2. Guy: Excuse me, McFuckface, was I talking to you?

3. Guy 1: Hey, here comes Jim McFuckface!

Guy 2: Come on, man. His name's Jim McPeters.

4. Guy: I told you, put McFuckface in my ass! That's where it belongs!

Jesus: Fuck you! It's going in the mouth!
by Guy 99999999999999999999999999 December 12, 2008
A phrase shouted Jesus when he has become aroused by the sight of a man and intends to pursue him. Jesus will use his tendrils to grab hold of the man, immobilizing him until Jesus forces the man's penis into butt dick butt.
Guy 1: "Oh, shit, here comes Jesus, and he looks horny!"

Guy 2: "Get away!"

Jesus: "Bis hop a bis hoppin' hop to different doorways in a maze!"

Guy 1: "It's too late! He's got me by the dick with his tendrils!"
Jesus' butt, which has been fucked more than anything else in history, also known as Jesus' arse ass
Guy: "I love butt dick butt, and by that I mean that I dick it. It feels good."

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