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When one grabs a fat pinch of Skoal (preferably mint)and enjoys the taste of it thoroughly.
Will- Hey man you got your dip on you?

Curt- Yeah dude

Will- Let me grab a skank tasty from you.

Curt- Awesome idea...I think I'll join in.
by Gut_Pile January 13, 2009
When one is trashed beyond all reason...preferably on natty lights or evan williams
Curt- Dude do you even remember anything from last night

Will- Hell no...I got so trash nasty off some slurp tasty natties
by Gut_Pile January 13, 2009
When a group of guys get together and enjoy a nice dip session.
Dude me and curt are going to the room and grabbing a skank tasty for a D Sesh if you want to join in.
by Gut_Pile January 15, 2009

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