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3 definitions by Gussy Foreman

A person with hair color that resembles the inside of a mango fruit. This person can have light skin and freckles. They can be associated with gingers, which have slightly brighter hair,light skin and freckles.
That dude's a mangohead!
by Gussy Foreman March 01, 2008
20 5
a word that mingers who are proud of who they are, as hard as that is to believe, use to call themselves. It originated from the term Fergiliscious made by Fergie in a hit song with the same title.
I love being mingerliscious!
by Gussy Foreman March 03, 2008
1 2
A mix of a ginger and mangohead. The ending result,minger, is very unattractive. People usually do not accept them because of their looks.
Minger, make some friends.
by Gussy Foreman March 02, 2008
14 20