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noun, da boy who just got to do his stuff; most especially, any teenager testing his/her personal limits and/or any/all artificial boundaries (i.e., those non-physical restraints set by any/all authority figures; e.g., forgetting to lock them in their room until at least age 20)... Suspected by some parents and other suspected "authority figures" as just another attention seeking device designed and used by said teenager to ellicit sympathy and cash donations.

also sometimes spelled: d'bug, duh bug, da bug
feminine variant spellings: duh buga, dabuga, d'buga,

variant forms: verb, unconjugated, "to dabug"
adverb/adjective; d'buggin'

also see: d'bugger (d'booger,sic)-- a person who acts like or tries to imitate dabug in a crude or rude form.
Mama: "David is being dabug."
Papa: "David is acting like a 16er. Again! Did you accidently forgettin let da boy' get outta his bed room? When I wazza young-un, I never..."

"omg, no. Not Again! why did i have to say anything..."

Little Sister: (to above 'rents, spoken with a voice as sweet as four-leafed clover honey, and with an angelically soft smile)
"Practice on David and get your rest while you can...
I'll be a teenager before you know it."
by Gus Grue March 02, 2007
HONERY!!, using all CAPS and two EX points...
verb--a state of being Not,
adjective, a lust-filled wondering wandering
the formal state of Horny Orneriness where one, usually a superior male individual, expresses in deafening silence --as if it were a banner hanging from a "flag pole" waiting to be saluted --one's utter exacerbation with a specific superior member of the opposite sex, without being noticably impolite or unfriendly, yet hoping ...
note: this state has little or nothing to do with typical relationship frustration as it goes beyond "normal" due to it's involvement of two amazingly often stubborn individuals: firstly, a female who may well be a blonde (and by the way, dark brown IS just another shade of blonde) air head of seemingly high intellectual capacity, AND, secondly, a nice, fine and wonderfully most Graciously Understanding Sensitive male. say GUS.

Warning: such situations may well lead to Divorce Court.
this is not as simple as it reads!

"Say there. Did you hear the one about the Toad?"
"What Toad?"
"There was this spike-horned toad who wanted to be a royal young Prince of a Fella. He just did not want to meet the initial 'frog requirements' of some Princess."
"She was probably just another, ordinary female in disguise who had trouble with her Pea Thing."
"Oh well... there are so many Fine Fish in the sea."
"Now, that's a pretty deep subject!"
"I see! I see, said the Blind One!"
I wonder which one got to be more HONERY!! and which one was just stayed confused, if then.
"Say What?"
Honery!!, so what does "HONERY!!" have to do with kissing a frog, a toad, a Prince and a Princess?
"Excuse me. May I help you?"
by Gus Grue April 02, 2007

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