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Too euro: trying too hard w/ no shame. Not bougie but almost there.

Kind of like too money, but elitist as fuck.
"Last week when we got caught in the rain, Jane refused to use my extra umbrella because the handle wasn't genuine Prada plastic. Then, when we got to my house, she wouldn't use any of my towels until I could prove their high thread count! That girl is too euro for my tastes."

"She only drinks wine if it costs more than $20 per bottle. That chick is way too fucking euro for me, no matter how hot she is."
by Gurkman March 27, 2013
Too money: too gaudy, unapologetically riche hood.

Too money is the bridge between ratchet and bourgeois.
"'To the World' is too money, Kanye's a fucking try hard

"Bob wanted to make it rain Olde English after finals, but that's way too money for me. I don't fuck with malt liquor."
by Gurkman March 27, 2013
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