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10 definitions by Guns don't kill people

A word often used by secret midgets, reffering to their homosexual partner. Comes with a handmovement of the wrist.
Secret midgets say 'pleh'.
"I was with my pleh, she is so phitt' - said Secret Midget Lauren
"My girl pleh is beautiful and sexy" - said Secret Midget Kate
by Guns don't kill people October 24, 2010
3 11
A term used for someone who smiles frequently
A nickname for Tyler, as Tylers tend to smile a lot and it happens to rhyme. Tylers (female) are also very beautiful and clever and are also smiling,even when they are annoyed with Jodie's.
Tyler is a smiler.
by Guns don't kill people October 24, 2010
8 25
The beautiful music sensation that inspires many. She has devlish thunder thighs which could attract any sex. She currently has fire red hair and wears sexy raunchy clothes.

She has performed in many venues and done many tours and has a large fan base.
A world wide style icon and anyone would fuck her because she is so beautiful and wonderful.
Rihanna = talented attractive female singer
by Guns don't kill people May 28, 2011
38 80