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10 definitions by Guns don't kill people

Megarn is an intelligent and beautiful girl with the brain the size of a hephalump, she is usually found on a farm on wellys and respects all of her friends
*walking past a farm*'

person A: 'Hey look at the beautiful girl in wellies
person B: 'She's a Megarn, she repects me.. I'm her friend'
by Guns don't kill people July 23, 2010
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A nickname for girls who look unattractive
urgh, what a kniff
by Guns don't kill people October 31, 2010
3 3
traf - a backwards fart.
aka: pre-queef

the air is sucked in before let out as a fart.
a traf happens before a fart.
by Guns don't kill people May 28, 2011
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A beautiful brunette Marilyn Monroe with lovely hair and the voice of an angel. She has scarred toes and blue eyes, given to her by the great Buttyninja goddess as a sign of affection.
Person A - 'Oh wow, Mrilyn Monroe is still alive!'
Person B - 'No, check out her toes.. She's a JoDAY'
by Guns don't kill people October 24, 2010
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A phrase usedd to confuse someone, it originated from the french pronounciation of 'chit-chat'.
Said to Louis: 'take a break, have a shit-shat'
The girls meant: 'relax, have a chit-chat'
by Guns don't kill people October 24, 2010
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'Fish-Hat' in a french accent, simply meaning a fisherman's hat, a hat with a fish on it, a hat made of fish, or a hat made for fish..these tend to be quite small.
I am a fisherman and this is my fish-hat that I wear when I go fishing

if this was a french fisherman, they would not say 'fish-hat' instead they would say 'fishat'
by Guns don't kill people July 27, 2010
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1. Sandwich flavoured ninja.

2. A person who works in a fast food restaraunt, specialising in sandwiches.

3.A fat martial artist, so fat that they cannot move.
1. "This ninja sure tastes sandwichey"

2. " he was so fast, he was a buttyninja...the king of butties"

3. "yo brah, you so fat you a buttyninja, want another cream cake?"
by Guns don't kill people July 23, 2010
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