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3 definitions by Gunningsoul

Called the Underground Coalition for Foamy's Demise, this active group's main purpose is to see the whiny squirrel, Foamy, die alongside the rest of the unoriginal, blatantly boring Neurotically Yours toon series over Newgrounds.
They also made and are in the making of the infamous F-days.
For great justice, FOAMY SHALL DIE!
Cant wait for UCFD's next F-Day.
by Gunningsoul January 28, 2005
Piconjo <3 joo, he really does.
The great superhero of the portals, he's there to get rid of all the crap artists and to use is pen0r a lot.
People may confuse him with his blatant ripoff, Pico, but be warned, only Piconjo is the true hero.
Piconjo pwns joo, he also does.
by Gunningsoul January 28, 2005
Some guy...he's awesome.
Great, Gunningsoul got banned again.
by Gunningsoul January 28, 2005