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A river in Egypt.

Or a refusal to accept something.

Or both.
That Egyptian claims he is dry, but he is clearly in denial.
by gunblade October 07, 2004
Like the Bluebird of Happiness or the Chicken of depression, the arrival of the Drama-Llama guarantees that a situation will become emotionally unstable. Tears will be shed, accusations will fly, and hearts will be broken.
"...The female in question seems to be of the same mindset as I, namely that we'd have sex just because it's nice, we're not looking for a relationship and we're just enjoying ourselves and so on.

However, I've got the sneaking suspicion that this could quickly render me a visit from the Drama-Llama... "
by Gunblade April 20, 2005
kobok is a veritas walking dictionary, kobok posseses all knoledge that can be used in life and that is usefull, kobok is a god.
kobok... @kobok on veritas, energy and martial art person, knows almost anything about anything
by GunBlade October 11, 2004
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