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Oakville is a place where white kids wanna be black and black kids wanna be white. The upper class wants to be in a Abercombie commercial, and the girls are wannabee models. Not to include the "high class" twits who suck they're parents money away and will probably not move out til they are 30. Not only that but they're parents will probably have to make the downpayment.
Life is rough when you come from the mean streets of oakville....right....fags
Mom: Son would you like a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich
Billy: Sure Ma, that would be great.
Mom: You know your 32 and unemployed maybe its time to get a job? or maybe your own place?
Billy: Well mom i'm really trying to focus on beating Donky Kong this summer and going to Sharkeys
Mom: Well okay, do you want animal crackers with your sandwhich
Billy: Do I ever....OAKVILLE
by GunShow21 September 14, 2005

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