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Well know affliction of a Barista's wrist who still use the old fashion coffee/espresso machines due to the repeated motion of twisting the filter handle on and off on the group heads. The pain is similar to carpal tunnel but does dissapeat after a while. Prevalent in newbee Baristas in training. Was alleviated a bit with the invention of the right angled version and now eliminated with the arrival of fully electronic espresso machines.
Why the wrist brace?
Dude crazy morning, been making double shots like nobody's biz and my wrist is on fire. I gotta touch of baristarist!
by Gummer Stumps July 19, 2010
plural ex-bennies
Same definition as ex with benefits. Word play with Eggs Benedict's colloquial from eggs-benny(ies).
Interestingly similarity with the dish and the ex. Both are occasional, comfortable and familiar.
Great weekend, had the ex-benny over for lunch, she spent the weekend if you know what I mean.

It's not easy when they've got their ex-bennies, they get it all and no commitments, how do you compete?
by Gummer Stumps July 19, 2010
plural murakins
A loudmouth American Tourist. As defined by the way they repeatedly remind others where they are from and how things are different where they are. Usually with a mid-west or southern accent.
I'm a murakin and we don't do it that way.

How much is that in a murakin dollars?

Don't you people speak a murakin?
by Gummer Stumps July 19, 2010
1. A guy so desperate to get laid that if he had no teeth and she was without arms or legs but had a pulse you'd still want to have sex with her and gum her stumps.

2. a Norwegian pron star. Not the most sexy or performing star in a porn movie. The dud versus the stud in a pron film.
1. I am so freakin' randy, I don't care if she's a double bagger, I'd gummer stumps!

2. man that guy was a real Gummer Stumps...probably paid to be in the movie.
by Gummer Stumps July 19, 2010
A man or women who are right handed but masturbate with their left hand watching pron on the Internet because the right hand is clicking on the mouse. Usually refers to someone who is somewhat homely.
Dude look at him, he's not getting laid anytime soon, he's definitely a leftander.

Found this great site, pull a leftander all night!
by Gummer Stumps July 19, 2010
1. Person or person who live by their Ipod and the hype that comes with it or any product from Apple. Can be seen with the ubiquitous white earphones either both or one hanging from their ear at all times.

2. A product, an advertisement or anything really that copies the look of the or tries to be an Apple product and or Ipod. Usually called I something or is has distinctive white plastic features.
1. Walked on the bus today and there were at least 10 Ipodians zoned out on ITunes

2. You got to be kidding, an IToaster?
by Gummer Stumps July 19, 2010
similar to a pearl necklace but limited to the face/head; also known as a facial but not as derogative and also encompasses ones face and hair.
He was pretty randy, a few minutes of humming and bam I had a frosted cupcake.
by Gummer Stumps August 23, 2010

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