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A derogatory term, classifying those of African-American descent, whom are in a large gathering, or party, discussing and taking part in the typical "jigaboo" activities. These activities may include, but are not limited to: conversing about what Caucasian-Americans, or "honkies" are doing to them, the consumption of legal and illegal substances (i.e. marijuana, crack cocaine, heroin, alcohol- most regularly "gin and juice"). These parties are known to be extremely violent, and expansive, normally taking up not only the residence of the party host, but their porch as well. Most of these aforementioned jigaboos are illiterate, and only communicate via a series of slurred-slang words and phrases, including, but not limited to: "Sup nigga!", "Where mah bitches?", "where the grape kool-aid", and "pass the gin and juice, nigga". The etiquette at these parties tends to be quite foul, leading the general consensus to be that these "jigaboo jamborees" are normalized to include the "disrespect" of "hoes" by "pimps" or "gangstas". The normal consumables, or banquet, of a "jigaboo jamboree" typically includes fried chicken, kool-aid (usually grape flavored), watermelon (triangled or crescent), and a variety of assorted grits. The entertainment of said parties, though sometimes confusing and misconstrued, now is known to include "beatboxing" and "freestyle rapping", as well as playing Madden on the gaming console of the host's choice.
In a sentence:
Jigaboo jamborees are common in vastly urban cities, such as Baltimore, Philadelphia, Camden, and Detroit.

In Conversation:
Police Officer 1: Where are you headed, rookie?
Police Officer 2: To break up a jigaboo jamboree somewhere in Camden.
Police Officer 1: What?! That's the third one this week! Better stock the truck with grape kool-aid and watermelon slices.
Police Officer 2: Let's just hit KFC instead.
by Gulstaff II July 07, 2010

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