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A male street hustler.
Everytime we drive this way I see that guy. Yeah! He's a cock walker and tht's his corner.
by Gulliver1953 July 28, 2008
Tattoos which are as easily identifiable and unique to the person as barcoding is to merchandise.
Have you seen Johnny's new tattoos? We'll be able to find him anywhere as he can't stop with the boy barcoding.
by Gulliver1953 July 28, 2008
A male street walker who sells for sex.
Hey dude everytime we drive this way that guy is on the street. Yea, he's a cock walker. This must be his strip.
by Gulliver1953 July 12, 2008
Straight Boy Gone Bad - a guy who plays around with other guys sexually, but plays straight for the rest of the guys.
Justin is cool and flirts with all the girls, but he's really a SBGB with the boys.
by Gulliver1953 July 10, 2008
The act of getting laid usually in a prone position.
"I hooked up last night with John and he ironed me good."
by Gulliver1953 December 17, 2008
Tattoos on a man which identify him much like bar coding does for merchandise.
Hey, there goes Jason you can tell by the boy bar coding on his arms.

by gulliver1953 July 11, 2008
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