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A provincial adaption of a word where "y" or "ie" replaces the last part of the word. It is endemic to Australia and parts of the United Kingdom.
Provincial Australian language often deploys whyming to adapt to the local intelligence quotient (which is low to very low). Words are shortened to accommodate more beer.
Television becomes "telly." Hospital becomes "hossy." Football becomes "footy." Biscuit becomes "bicky." Biker becomes "bikey." Thingamajig becomes "thingy." And so on. It's an appalling yet slightly charming abuse of language.
by Gulletaria February 23, 2012
Is a condition afflicting millions of people. It means they are only capable of uttering four syllables when conversing. Anything more than that causes a mental breakdown. Most likely a direct result of electronic texting culture.
Look at those poor teenagers. They are in the throes of quadrasyllabication. You can tell because they get this nervous repetitive tic when they hit the forth syllable in conversation.
by Gulletaria February 23, 2012

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