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To fuck oneself
me: Why don't you just go and fuck yourself?
boyfriend: *goes off to do some masturbation*
by Guinevere134 June 12, 2009
A woman who is not worth the paper her birth certificate was printed on.
Even God hates Paris Hilton
by Guinevere134 February 17, 2010
The sexy woman that tamed James Bond
Vesper Lynd: All women want to be her and apparently all men want to be with her
by Guinevere134 January 24, 2009
orgasm suddenly caused by thought of how fucking sexy Daniel Craig is...especially when dressed up as James Bond in tight little speedos from Casino Royale...this kind of orgasm has its own category because he is just so goddamn hott that you need little or no touching to achieve climax...thank god for Daniel Craig...*smiles*
*Watching Casino Royale*....*Sees Daniel Craig flipping wet hair and swaying about in the sea*....*Danielgasm*....O god that was good
by Guinevere134 January 31, 2009
Real life version of a Bond Girl...basically a girl who dates Daniel Craig, the current actor who plays James Bond
I want to be a Craig Girl
by Guinevere134 January 28, 2009

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