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3 definitions by Guinea Pig Freak

The evil monster from My Little Pony The Movie. It's purple, gloppy, and slimy. you Totally can't stop it.
Something bad is coming down, have you heard the news? Duck and slide, run and hide, nothing can stop the Smooze!
by Guinea Pig Freak April 15, 2006
106 21
Something, like a baby animal or small child, who is completely adorable and sweet. It can be a nickname or an exclamation.
Kid 1: Look at my guinea pig!

Kid 2: Awww! Hey there, Cuddles McGee!
by Guinea Pig Freak February 01, 2006
14 9
A silly name used by guinea pig affeciandos, usually as a joke.
Oh, a guinea pig! A Pinny gig! Guin Piggy!
by Guinea Pig Freak February 07, 2006
4 6