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a Philadalphia radio station who play the same 18 songs in a row. most likely owned by Shady/aftermath/g-unit records for there constent play of 50 cent, eminem, the game, and g-unit.
Although i love wired 96.5 they sold there sole to Eminem and 50 cnet for the constent play of Candy shop, like toy soliders, and hate it or love it.
by Guinea Pig April 02, 2005
a song popular in the mid 90's preformed by the rapper skee-lo
i wish is the best song ever
by Guinea Pig April 10, 2005
one of the best bands of the mid 90's. sang song such as
only wanna be with you
only lonely
hold my hand
i go blind
tuckers town
old man and me
Hootie and the blowfish are the best band ever
by Guinea Pig April 02, 2005
Upper middle class development in Toms RiverNew jersey. It located near the TR jackson boarder. it is right near saratoga
Some people think that people who live in Walden Woods are rich but They should really look at the people who live in tallymar
by Guinea Pig April 09, 2005
A town in New Jersey. Everybody knows you. We have 11 elementay schools 3intermeadit schools and 3 high school. Kids from HS North get made all the time. We are known for are little league baseball teams. The mall sucks ass, Cool beans is the only cool place to hang out after the movies. The beach gets over run by fricken new yorker every summer leaving no plcae for the locals. But yet house still go for 300,000+.
I rep the TR and i'm damn proud of it.
by Guinea Pig March 22, 2005

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