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A city in California. South of Fraisure Park and north of the Sanfernando Valley. It is filled with upper middle class families who live in their little cookie cutter boxes. There are 5 main areas of Santa Clarita: Valencia, Saugus, Newhall, Canyon Country, and Stevenson's Ranch. It is a major center for many people in the show biz like Jamie Lynn Spears, Taylor Lautner, Sasha Petirse, and Madison Davenport. It is also filled with annoying teenage girls that have enough money to be well off, but act as though they are rich socialites. It is also the hometown of the Six Flags theme park Magic Mountain, California Institute of the Arts, College of the Canyons, and William S. Hart park. Residential areas vary from suburban neighborhoods to urban city life to rural ranch property.

The Valencia Town center is the local mall that has only a limited ammount of fascinaating store, making it's self rather average. There are two movie theaters, one in the Towncenter, the other in Canyon Country. It is the home of the Canyon Theater Guild, now the Santa Clarita Reigonal Theater. Other entertainment options include two bowling alleys, a Mountasia Fun Center, and a Scooter's Jungle.

All around a good place once you get past the snotty brats,a the wannabe gangsters, and potheads.
Santa Clarita, AWESOME TOWN! Where our gangs, don't even look thretening.
by Guidothespartoyouall December 07, 2010

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