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spit in your mouth that looks like jiz,

spit + jiz = spijiz

usually happens when dehydrated

also known as : spijit, jit, spiz, spizz, spum, salum, cit, and scum
I was so dehydrated that i had spijiz on the tip of my tongue.

by Guian Erin April 25, 2007
a term to describe what is accepted by whites, blacks, and orientals.

black - origin of africa

white - origin of europe

oriental - origin of southeast asia

slavic - russia, and baltic region

brown - origin of indian subcontinent
the whites, blacks, orientals, slavs, and browns, are racially accepted terms, and they should all get along, there is no way but this to call someone to define their ethnic background without offending someone
by Guian Erin April 24, 2007
a phrase used to define shoes that are casual, yet coolly acceptable.
Nerd: Woah Man Swell Steppers
Jock: Woah Man Swell Steppers
by Guian Erin April 24, 2007

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