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When someone talking is getting to the point of you wanting duct tape a "Dill" to their "Pie Hole", you see an image of their mouth violently shuddering, shrieking, and unfortunately speaking.
What a fucken quackamalack
by Guh-eye May 26, 2005
1) myself
2) author on urbandictionary.com
3) patty cake like the rest of you
Example not necessary unless you're fucken retarded
by Guh-eye May 26, 2005
A piece of small matter, such as "lint" or "flying worms", that is stuck in the crevice of a buttox. They are usually washed out during showers, anal facilitation and maitenance after a toilet session, or rectal picking.
Wow those wool underpants contain potential squirms.
by Guh-eye May 26, 2005
Word used only by losers.
Loser: "Asshat!"
Me: "Loser."
by Guh-eye May 26, 2005

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