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Torrington is the asshole of Litchfield County.It totally fucking stinks.Harboring the second highest number of mentally retarded citizens in CT and is the new found home of Waterbury's rejects (Highwoods anyone??).And if you're in need of a heroin fix or whatevers on your menu,then the South End is for you.Cumby's is right on the corner for when you get the munchies,as well as Dunkin' Donuts and the crack house,excuse me,coffee house.You can just walk your suspended licensed (DUI) ass across the damn street.
Those folks who do earn an honest living and own homes in the nicer nieghborhoods wake up on the wrong side of bed every morning because they just don't quite make enough to LIVE in Litchfield.It burns their asses having to walk out their door only to face what I've just described,cuz nomatter where you live,it's still T-Town.

Just over half of Torrington Highs crack head population ever graduate,they drop out due to drugs,pregnancy,or they're just plain fucking stupid.OWTS isn't much of an improvment,believe me.The students carry a self rightous pompous attitude like their shit don't stink.You're still in T-Town,there's no escape!!Just because you're an A+ (A= Ass kisser) student doesn't mean your better than the rest you little rope smokin' weenie chompers!
There's no nightlife,no good restaurants or shopping,no scenic views,no reason to come here because there's a whole lot of jack shit to do.

All this nestled amongst the rolling hills of New Englands very own Litchfield County.
Jane:"That guy has a Walmart attitude,friggin fucktard".

Dick:"What's that supposed to mean?"

Jane:"It means he must be from Torrington".
by Guess Who starts with a "V" May 05, 2009

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