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Saying the name of a famous person (celebrity, musician, actor, public figure, etc.) on a television show, or movie instead of that person physically appearing on the program, so they just have a line of dialog making it seem like a very famous person is getting ready to appear on the show, or is in the next room, or just off the cameras view.
On a crime drama a paparazzi sees a body in an alley near a high-end night club and goes around the corner to check it out. As he does, the camera goes off the pretty people and follows him. A fellow paparazzi hollers, "Hey dude, get back here; Kim & Khloe Kardashian just pulled up and got out of a Limo."

Doing a Nameo saves the show a large amount of money that they would otherwise have to pay out to get the famous people to do a cameo on the show.
by Guerre March 14, 2012
A statement said during a date, usually a first or blind date, that for one of the daters instantly assures that there will be no follow up call or second date.
A vegan female asks her blind date, "So, what are some of your hobbies? What do you like to do on the weekends?"

Her male date answers, "Well, I'm an avid hunter. Deer hunting is by far my favorite but I'll pretty much hunt anything in season."

The rest of the evening can vary after a Date Stopper statement, in some cases the date might contiue and end cordially. Other cases may end much more drastically, dramaticly and possibly include a very public spectacle!!! Either way, it's usually the last of any communication between the two
by Guerre March 14, 2012
The cards sent most commonly during Christmas Holiday season that are pictures of the sender's family or kids on a postcard type format, instead of a standard opening card, yet still sent in an envelope.
A Christmas card from friends and/or family that is the same card they send to everyone and has a single large picture of the family or several smaller pictures of some or all the family members--some phards just have pictures of their kids. The phard usually has printed text stating something like "Happy Holidays, from John, Jane, John jr., Janey Doe", that way they don't have to write on any of them, just address the envelope.
by Guerre January 06, 2012
A condition often aquired at the end of the NCAA Basketball season during Conference Championship Week and the first few rounds of the NCAA Basketball Championship--affectionally known as March Madness. It results from changing the channel every few seconds trying desperately to catch every second of every game, but in the end never fully achieving the satisfaction and release from the closure of seeing every play of every game.
Caller: "Dude, have you been watching March Madness hoops?"

Friend: "Hell yes! The only thing is, I've got to put a bag of frozen peas on my knuckles in between games. Having four games on at once is killing me, I've got a serious case of Blue Knuckle...it's a damn good thing I've got two hands!!!
by Guerre March 14, 2012

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