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3 definitions by Gucci Bawlz

When you get a blowjob from two girls at the same time while they compete to suck on your penis.
Dude, last night i got a two headed woodpecker, you shoulda seen these chicks fight for it.
by Gucci Bawlz July 01, 2009
Someone who is sexually attracted to girl/woman slightly overweight, but not a BBW.
My buddy is a chunky chaser, I saw him flirting with this girl looking like Queen Latifa.
by Gucci Bawlz July 02, 2009
1. A person who is extremely addicted to the game, Guitar Hero, and cannot stop playing even after they have gold-starred every song on expert.

2. The title of an Episode of "South Park".
Dun! that dude's been playing guitar hero for 3 days straight, he must be a guitar quiero.
by Gucci Bawlz July 02, 2009