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2 definitions by Guatemalan Chocolate

A dance-like, thrashing, spastic type movement that begins with the body's lower extremities being pointed outward in a duck-like fashion while the upper body is squatted with elbows at awkward angles to the rest of the body. Movement patterns are unpredictible and sporadic but frequently conclude with somewhat of an artistic finesse including the pointing of a toe or an extra hop followed by a slightly elevated chin.
The girl used a Broderick-Flail type movement on the Beam Ball court.
by Guatemalan Chocolate May 02, 2010
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A nocturnal game involving a playground type ball and the elevated supports of an elementary school building. Game is ideal with 4-8 players. Players are split into teams and pass the ball through the elevated supports which function as a type of 'net' similar to volleyball. Points are achieved when the ball lands in the opposing team's court.
The best Beam Ball players have stong hand eye coordination and focus.
by Guatemalan Chocolate May 02, 2010
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