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2 definitions by Guanaca and proud

The best country in the world and the only country where you know you will get your ass kikced if you mess with them and to that stupid ho who talked shit all I have to say is to check what you have up your ass that makes you talk shit like that.People from Mexico think that they are superior to other hispanic countries because they are right south of the border one day you get get kicked out the next you are here again and you call your self hard working bitch
That Salvadorian is going to king the gringo's ass
by Guanaca and proud March 07, 2005
the best country with the coolest people home to "La Mara Salvatrucha" who you better not mess with. Guanaco love!
You talk shit about El Salvador you better just go suck a dick
by Guanaca and proud March 04, 2005