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- (v.) to prematurely say "I love you", the weight of which scares away you're romantic partner. May be done on purpose to overwhelm someone who is a potential partner and scare them away.

- (n.) A scheme to pick-up women by telling the target your story of being left at the alter during your own wedding. The story will generate enough pity and sympathy that would override the girl's better judgement.

Both definitions named after Ted Mosby due to his actions in the show "How I Met Your Mother".
Barney: Robin I want to be with you.

Robin: I love you!!

Barney: Woahhh, i think we should just be friends...WAIT you just Ted Mosby'd me!

Barney: sniff* I got left at the alter....

Ted: for all those keeping score, the Ted Mosby worksss!!
by Gu3ss July 19, 2011
(v.) To wake up and stay in bed knowing that you're taking time away from some activity you had planned for (usually school or work). Usually happens because the bed is just so damn comfortable.
Clifford: Why are you always late? I thought you set an alarm clock

Me: I do, I just have a bad habit of sleeping on margin.
by Gu3ss July 20, 2011
A piece of equipment used to steal a hot girl's underwear. The aforementioned item allows raiders to quickly access targets with upper-level rooms. Most common attributes of regulation panty ladders:

- 1 to 2 stories tall
- Wooden
- Carried by 2 or more raiders
Bender: Ok, but I'll need 10 kegs of beer, a continuous tape of Louis-Louis, and a regulation two-story Panty Raid Ladder.
by Gu3ss June 27, 2011

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