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one who fucks his own mother.
Tu salaay, maderchod, jakay kisi aur word ka matlub dhoond.
by gs July 24, 2003
A woman (hopefully) whose sole reason for existence is sucking cock.
My girlfriend is a suck monkey.
by GS March 18, 2004
A casual chit chat, gossip.

In Urdu and Hindi languages.
Chalo chal ke Aashi se gupshup kerein.
by gs July 24, 2003
The greatest living Turkish soccer player. Known as the Bull of the Bosphorus, he plays for Galatasaray of Istanbul.
Hakan Sukur scored three goals
by gs December 31, 2004
The disease which is classified by symptoms of extreme lack of test preperation, thereby causing sickness and absence was school.
Oh man, i've got 3 tests tomorrow and a huge project due! I'm feeling Kell Syndrome coming on.
by GS October 28, 2004
Cunthead, someone who's very ugly
Shit wat een lelijke kutkop
(Damn what an ugly cunthead)
by GS April 26, 2005
From the Latin - "crepidus"

To destroy physically, specifically in a game of American Football.
"Man, that team is gonna crepidate all over our A".
by gs October 14, 2004
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