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A nickname given to any Dutch drummer that plays metal.
Michael from God Dethroned is such a Dutch drum machine!
by Grymnir July 17, 2011
A music review site that deals in metal ad various other forms of non-popular music such as punk rock, hard rock and industrial. It is most noted for having a dig at Cher Lloyd in its radio jingle as well as getting into trouble with several bands for writing negative reviews.
Cher Lloyd: I can't believe those Valkyrian Music idiots mocked me!
by Grymnir July 29, 2011
An incredible Yorkshire folk metal band that is made up one of Yorkshire man, one Manx keyboardist, one southerner and one Dutch drum machine.
Ensiferum: Hey guys, don't forget our show tonight. We're been supported by a Yorkshire metal band called Cryptic Age.
by Grymnir July 18, 2011

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