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A stereotype is a label given to a person, a prequisite judgement. It goes hand in hand with bias, prejudice, and discrimination.
Joe is a Middle Eastern, "gothic" gay person. Because of this, people assume that he is a morbid, suicidal terrorist that has a strong passion for interior decorating. In fact, he dresses gothic because of the music he listens to, and he likes the style. He is perfectly happy, and is in several school programs to help suicidal kids. He also is a Good Smaritan. He was born in the US and is planning on joining the military as an ROTC scholar. He wants to stop terrorism. He hates design in all ways.
by Grrl Genius April 18, 2004
A word for a fruit often taken for innuendo.
the monkey eats bananas.
by Grrl Genius April 16, 2004
To lean towards something because you don't like something else, or you like something more than something else. Goes hand in hand with discrimination and prejudice.
Susan was biased when she was on the dating show. Contestant one was a telephone sanitizer and contestant two was a millionaire. She wanted the one with more money, even though the telephone sanitizer was a really sweet guy.
by Grrl Genius April 18, 2004

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