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Abbreviation of pussy. Such as 'here puss puss puss'.
School puss, Drift puss, Wet puss, Dry Puss and other types of cunterooni.
by Grover J February 08, 2008
Elaborate and non specific expansion of cunt. Term of endearment and familiarity.

Disembodied and not concerned with identity or owner.

Show me the cunterooni.

Fix'in to get me some cunterooni at the babe-o-rama.

by Grover J February 08, 2008
Gathering of babes for the purpose of display and collection. Any sizable gathering of decent looking available females could be considered a babe-o-rama. The type of place one could expect to attract cunterooni.
Tonights my night it's gonna be a babe-o-rama.

Heaps of tasty young lusties at the babe-o-rama.

Might get a wet dick at the babe-o-rama.

Meeting school puss at the babe-o-rama.
by Grover J February 08, 2008

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