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A small Texas town that consists of 94.5 % White population. The population of this community has been increasing as the ever growing problem of corrupt school officials and rising crime in the surrounding Beaumont areas flourish. Known as a bedroom community, most citizens of Lumberton drive 50-75miles a day to go to work in the Industrial sections of southern Jefferson County, as they only sleep in Lumberton due to the worry of having their home invaded in the middle of the night by Beaumont and Port Arthur's finest citizens. Most of these fine and upstanding citizens of the above mentioned cities are "products of their environment" and blame most of the problems in their day to day lives on the assumption that "We didn't land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us". The citizens of this small community are mainly White, Employed, Well Armed, and will put a rather large additional suck hole in your worthless ass for intruding into their well furnished and very nice neighborhoods to loot and plunder for items to be taken back to Beaumont and Port Arthur. These items are prized in the highly established and affluent north and south end neighborhoods of Beaumont.
Ta'Seandrick Washington : Shit dog, you think we be goin up to Lumberton tonight to do a little lootin' yo?

D'Andre Jackson : Hell naw Nukka, them boyz out dere be poppin' caps and shit when dey be seein a black man. Man, they had Quannell X all up in that piece when another brotha was killed up there leavin' a white girls house and wrecked in a ditch. They bussted them tazers out on his azz and errthang. His moms and shit was on TV Tombout she gonna get the NBAACP involved son...We ain't goin no where nere' dem white boys. We gone have to wait until they come to Beaumont or P/A to get our jack on dog..
by GroupTherapist July 29, 2011

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