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When a woman ages and another younger version of herself steps onto the scene, be it innocent or not, she feels threatened. Said women will unleash fury on her partner if he so much as looks at younger model with the slightest hint of admiration. This fury may not be overt but layered into nuances.
Dude what's wrong with your girlfriend? She's got some serious sand in her vagina. She only seems to get like that when Alison* is around.

Yeah she's just suffering from "younger model syndrome"

* The younger model
by Grouchokirst December 09, 2008
Verb - when you are growling out a girl and you accidently miss and lick her...well we could sugar coat it and call it her moon, but yes we are talking about her sphincter. This is awkward for both parties, so much so that the giver lets out a growl of disgust in a wolf like fashion.

"I was going down on Penny and it was really dark... and well I kinda missed..." - Dave

"Oh no dude, don't tell me you had to growl at the moon." - Shane
by GrouchoKirst January 18, 2009
Instead of using random, which has been completely overused by annoying teenagers and social imbeciles, scallop is a useful substitute - purely because it is a completely random word. Now that's sticking it to them!

Dave - "Hey dude, how bizarre is this, I went to see a gynecologist and I saw Louise from school."

Richard - "That's totally scallop. You don't even have a snatch."
by Grouchokirst March 18, 2009

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