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To be a strong supporter of anti-communism, named after senator Joseph McCarthy. Often persecuting without proof and using tactics similar to the soviet KGB

Has nothing to do with Paul McCart(N)ey
*Better Dead than Red* is a phrase often associated with McCarthyism
by GrizzlyBearone August 28, 2011
1) Accidentally or even maliciously urinating on a toilet seat (preferably not belonging to the urinator) so as to make the janitor or house owner clean it up

2) A type of bullet cartridge that instead of having the primer cap in the very center of the shell has it along the edge. Most common in .22 practice or hunting ammo.

Tim-Want to go drinking later?

Steve the Busboy-I can't. Someone pulled a rimfire and an upper decker in the bathroom and I gotta clean it.

Bob-What type of gun you practice with?

Ken-I got a Remington 66 .22 long rimfire

Bob-Pfff that caliber is for pussies

Ken-Don't be a dick
by GrizzlyBearone September 06, 2011
It's like McCarthyism but instead of torturing and interrogating suspected commies, it's torturing and interrogating suspected terrorists
"Give me your secrets now or it's back to the spider-hole for you"

----Cheneyism in action
by GrizzlyBearone September 09, 2011
Origin: Greek

1)Complete devastation or destruction usually by means of fire.

2)Burnt offering or sacrifice.

3)The name of the atrocities against Semites, Homosexuals, Gypsies, Slavs etc by the Nazi Regime in the early 1940s
The Holocaust is most often associated with one of the most despicable and evil acts of mass murder committed by Nazi War criminals.
by GrizzlyBearone September 06, 2011
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