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when someone is playing halo and starts jacking off to it
chase says:so mike do u like girls yet?
mike says: na , im into the halo sex thing
chase says: whats that?
mike says: when you jack off to halo
Brandon says: oh yeah me and mike did that
by Grizzlies 16 April 29, 2006
When you give a girl/guy anal then get them to suck your dick.
Hey, can I give you anal then make you eat my chocolate bar.
by Grizzlies 16 April 29, 2006
When you cut the main vein in your penis, then pour gasoline on the cut for the stinging sensation.
Brandon: Chase, have you jacked off latly?
Chase: No man, but I did get good Gas Pleasure, when I cut my vein in my cock, then poured gasoline on it.
Brandon: Wow man, gotta stop thinking about Jayme.
by Grizzlies 16 April 09, 2006

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