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When you are so high that you might as well be speaking another language because no one can understand you.
Jared: Dude what the hell is Alec talking about?
Mike: IDK, he's speaking gibberish right now.
Jared: Yeah he is definitely highlingual.
by GrizzGreezy July 17, 2011
When you get a soar throat from dubstep beatboxing.
Mike: *raspy voice* what's up?
Jared: Why does you're voice sound like that?
Mike: *raspy voice* I was dubstep beatboxing.
Jared: Haha you have dubstrep throat.
by GrizzGreezy June 26, 2011
A person that did not like dubstep at first, but eventually came around to like it.
Kyle: Turn this off i hate dubstep.
Mike: Trust me, listen to this song.
Kyle: OMG this is amazing. I kinda like dubstep now.
Mike: I've made a dubliever out of you!
by GrizzGreezy July 15, 2011

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