4 definitions by Grislenarl

A weird creature found in New Zeland. Appears to be some strange cross between an owl and a bear..
"What the fuck is that?!"
"Its a Grislenarl!!"
"its got a nice ass"
"damn right!!"
by Grislenarl March 14, 2003
One who is not a hitchhiker
Jim- hey, you think that guys a strag?
Steve- he looks the part, he has no towel on him
by Grislenarl April 02, 2003
a pirate that was not happy being dead so hes now a ghost
that Pirateghost had such a nice ass, it shivered me timbers!
by Grislenarl March 14, 2003
a young asian from birth to age 6
"that stupid fucking nigglet that sold me this stereo ripped me off!"

"relax, leave the kid alone"
by Grislenarl April 10, 2003

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