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1 definition by Grippin

Derogatory term for a soulless employee of the company Wag
Wag: A dog and cat boarding company based in Sacramento
California, and intent on building mass profits and
becoming the starbucks of pet care before they go
bankrupt. www.waghotels.com

Usually has little or no meaningful life outside of their job, and brings outside drama into work environment and pollutes it.

Causes other decent employees to eventually find another job.

Sells soul to company and turns back on the rationalism, morales, and ethics of the real world.

Eventually loses grip on reality and succumbs to the opiated illusion that working at wag is the most important thing in their life.

"Fucking Waggot didn't give me Friday off"

"Damn it Ace, why do you have to talk so much shit about everyone behind their back's ? Are you trying to become the Waggot king ?"

"Hah, you really think they'll give you a raise after your one year ? Waggot..."
by Grippin April 19, 2008
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