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Gas that is smelled but not heard. It creeps up on you. A synonym for Ninja Fart and Silent but Deadly.
Did somebody just Nart? I didn't hear it, but I know its in the room.
by GrippStick September 17, 2007
The mental state that occurs during the act of frowning.
Right after my mother told me that my sister was actually my mother and that she was my aunt and my grandmother, I was pretty upset. You could say I was in frowntown.
by GrippStick February 29, 2008
A Fart Ninja is gas that is smelled but not heard. It creeps up on you. A synonym for Nart and Silent but Deadly.
Thats gross!! Did you just let a finja into the room? Maybe it's hidding under the couch, but I know someone did it because I can smell it.
by Grippstick October 09, 2007
A Policrit is a person that is highly critical of political figures and their policy. Policrits usually tend to gather in groups at parties and talk about editorials that they read.
That guy is such a policrit. He is always trying to get people to talk about politics with him, but everyone knows better. He never listens to what you have to say and the conversations go nowhere.
by GrippStick July 10, 2008
It is a sickness that is brought on by kissing random strangers at midnight of New Year's Eve. It exhibits many of the same symptoms of the common cold or flu.
My throat is killing me and all of my joints ache. I think I caught the New Year Flu from kissing those randoms at midnight.
by Grippstick January 03, 2008

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