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The act of adding adult humor to g-rated animated films that kids wont understand, but the adults would find funny.
Examples of The Shrek Method:

"Little man, my best friend is a talking car."
-David Hasselhoff in "Hop"

"That must be Lord Farquaad's castle... Do you think he's maybe compensating for something?"
by Gringo The Clown July 26, 2011
A slang for an electronic cigarette, more specifically, a big bulky one that spews out a ridiculous amount of vapor.
Guy 1: "Why is there steam coming up from the floorboards?"
Guy 2: "Oh that's just my roomate. He's in the basement sucking on his electronic dick again."
by Gringo The Clown December 21, 2011
A dip pouch or a portion of snus
I ran out of cigarettes, can I get one of your teabags?
by Gringo the Clown September 05, 2010
A term for E-cig users: The act of taking off the bridge and wick of an atomizer to making direct dipping easier.
"I circumcised my LR510 atty, now dry hits aren't so bad"
by Gringo The Clown December 21, 2011

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