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Falsely claiming to be of a lower socio-economic or working class in order to appear humble, hide true wealth, dodge responsibility, or deflect criticism about an easy life.

Portmanteau of 'faux' and 'proletarian' - fauxletariat can be used for a collection of fauxletarians.
He is such a fauxletarian! He makes 90k a year at an easy corporate job, but rages against the machine and goes on and on about his working class credentials.

She likes to tell everyone she is a starving student, but sends her mother's maid to the thrift store for 'real' clothes. Fauxletarian!
by Grinding August 31, 2010
synthetic angst created and distributed by bored grandmothers (aka Nana) who need to see their children and/or grandchildren at odds, competing, arguing, etc. The drama is constructed to provide temporary distraction for Nana, and ultimately to allow her to resolve any resulting conflicts with a flourish of self-esteem building 'peace-making' gestures.
A. Guess what - Nana fomented a scrap between the kids to allow her to sweep in with cupcakes in a few days just to 'solve' everything!

B. Pretty standard NanaDrama. Ignore it to rob it of oxygen otherwise the flames will build into a family fight.
by Grinding November 10, 2010
a psychological disorder whereby grandmothers suffer from a distorted body image and pathological fear of acting their age. Granorexics may use dieting, self-induced vomiting, excessive exercise, and dressing in clothes more suitable for their grandchildren to highlight their 'ideal physique'. Granorexics often comment negatively about their children's and grandchildren's weight.
A. "Wow - your mom looks good for 62."

B. "Yeah, but she suffers from granorexia. She eats virtually nothing and spends all day doing situps so she can fit into her Fancy Ass jeans. I wish she would just bake my kids cookies instead of telling them about the grapefruit diet."
by Grinding October 07, 2010

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