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A rare shit that leaves the arse with great force, and appears to break up on contact with the air.
The fragments of shit (or pebbles) hit the porcelain and shatter like brown paintballs, virtually covering the bowl save for little spaces inbetween.
The resulting effect, if done right, resembles a late 20th Century British, PEBBLEDASHED house.
Greg: Dude, check this out, I just pebbledashed your loo.

Dave: Aw fuck you man, I aint cleaning that up.

Greg: Yes you are. Bitch.
by Grimmy Bumm November 14, 2009
1. A fruity, spiced, and yet caramel-like whiskey brewed in the USA since 1874.
2. To adjust one's package in an effort to achieve a comfortable resting spot.
Can be applied to ballbag re-allignment, tucking the cock into the leg hole of boxers, etc.
NOTE: any Southern comfort over 5 seconds should be classed as pleasuring yourself.
Wary Friend Nigel: Er, you alright there mate?

Clive: Yeah, ah, sorry about that, just applying some Southern Comfort.
by Grimmy Bumm November 14, 2009

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