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someone who seems to always be present bu unnoticed
Mongo: That kid Tonto is a lurker.
Thor: He is creepy.
Tonto: I am right here.
by Grimace April 09, 2003
Person/persons who likes having sex with members of law enforcement.
Sheena like's to have sex with cops. She's a real pig fucker.
by Grimace July 21, 2003
To deposit waste products on a person's head.

cleveland steamer
That poor nurse, I Hugh Houghtoned all over her face.
by Grimace January 21, 2005
Shalalah is basically having explosive diarhea after eating Indian food. Comes from the name Shalimar the restaurant where my friends and I ate at least one a week and would destroy the bathroom afterwards
Frenchy had to Shalalah after lunch today.
by Grimace October 08, 2003
The rocket launcher in Halo for x-box. You use it to tell everyone who's boss.
Oh shit! He got the boss-teller, games over now.

You got boss-told!!!
by Grimace November 30, 2004
A poster on www.interestingnonetheless.com whos soul purpose is to annoy.
Nova really sucks
by Grimace June 21, 2003
a loser
Pullman is a stretch dog
by Grimace October 08, 2003
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