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That chick at the bar who giggles inanely at anything remotely funny the hot guy says 'cause she so wants to bed him!
"Hey Dave...check out Tim...looks like he's scored a cackleslut"
by Grim60 February 23, 2012
That one woman (either alone on the phone or with a group of friends) at the next table who won't shut the hell up!
"Speak up, Darling...I can't hear you over that yabberslag next door"
by Grim60 February 23, 2012
An exclamation uttered by the listener in a conversation to indicate he is bored shitless
A: "..and then did a 5 mile bike ride followed by a three mile run and finished off..."
B:" Look! Fluffy kittens!"
by Grim60 February 23, 2012
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