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Someone who becomes an atheist because something bad happened in their lives, so they immediately think that a higher power couldn't have possibly been so mean/ heartless/ evil, so they don't exist.
Frank: Oh noes! I lost my little toe in a thrasher! There's no way that someone up there could've been so cruel, so there must not be anything there!

Bob: Stop being such an Angstheist!
by Griffler September 11, 2006
it's an upside down kirby asleep. I think I've discovered it on my own, because it's nowhere else on the internets.
A- <(_-_)>
B- dude, it's 3 pm, get your ass up
by Griffler December 04, 2006
A) A phrase used often on the internet, or during multiplayer games when someone is doing something completely idiotic

B) When someone just plain fails at life.
A) 1337: I just shot my character to death in the toe.
Bob: gg uninstall life

B) Frank: I just hit a door with my face. Is that a good thing?
Donnie: gg uninstall life
by Griffler November 03, 2006
Windows XP... with 75% more annoyances! Yay!
Bob: You got Vista?
Joe: Yeah, but it cost me an extra $375 to run it... and it freezes all the time. You thinking about upgrading?
Bob: Nah, man. I hate Mac OSX. I don't need a half assed emulation of it.
by Griffler December 12, 2006
Alternate thumbs up emoticon. (hint: The thumbs are the "b"s) Used for serious discussion or to express sarcasm.
omgaimaccount: I just made my dog jump through flaming hoops!
ReplyAIMaccount: (b")b
by Griffler October 03, 2006
When a chill pill just isn't enough, reccomend a chill suppository.
Bob: WTF! I can't believe that I accidently put a tiny scratch onto my crappy 80's car's paintjob! I'm gonna die! CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT! My world's collapsing!

Kevin: Dude, you are beyond the chill pill. Take a chill suppository.
by Griffler September 30, 2006
You're a minority... if you were in China
Bill: Why is Frankie trying to sue under Affirmative Action clauses? He's a white man!

Paul: Oh... well, he's suing under the grounds that he's a Chinority.
by Griffler March 31, 2008

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