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n. One who neither acknowledges nor refutes the existence of God
The Agnostic didn't worry about the afterlife, only that which he was living
by Griffin January 17, 2004
Big and gay, normally describing one's penis.
I love the big, dangly, welsch cock.
by Griffin March 16, 2005
fergo, v.

To fist a pig, and eat if for breakfast. And enjoy it.

fergo-ing, g, The act or instance of fergoing.
He really likes to fergo.

I nearly threw up when I saw him fergoing.
by Griffin July 22, 2004
A butchering of the original word "wages" (way'-jez). Often made by Latin students who believe all g's shouldn't not be pronounced like j's.
"The wages are incredible... I mean wages... With a soft g..."
by Griffin February 28, 2005
A game of quick thinking and adjective/noun pairs (or humorous inside jokes).

Gameplay: Two or more opponents square off by listing ridiculously random things that usually follow a 2 syllable - 1 syllable pattern (e.g. lem-mon wedge) Exceptions may be made to this pattern. No pair may be used twice. If the game is played via paper, the obligatory elipsis (...) must be used. Ninja moves may be executed during physical play.

Winning: To win, your opponent(s) must run out of ideas or repeat a pair that has already been said. To win you must say, "Lemon wedge, I win!" Or something to that extent. (e.g. "Lemon wedge, I pwn!" or "Lemon wedge, you got vanquished!")
1) Lemon... wedge...
2) Shovel... head...
3) Fifty... six...
4) Jingle... sandwich...
5) Et... cetera...
by Griffin February 28, 2005
A version of "vegetables" only said with Latin pronunciation. Should be used when referring to Latin.
"We had vegetables in Latin class today."
by Griffin February 28, 2005
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