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To Ream, to annihilate the ass-hole of your sexual partner while performing anal sex.
After I reamed her ass last night I feel L337 as hell.
by Griffin December 12, 2004
An underscore. Quite often used in the making of usernames. Otherwise useless.
"GriffinClaw was taken so I made my username Griffin_Claw."
by Griffin February 28, 2005
abreviation for "let's go", usually accompanied by a head nod in the direction of the door.
"S-K-O, what's that spell"
by griffin October 20, 2004
Just want to let you know it's spelled Griffin, not Griffon.
Hi, I like to spell things wrong, like Stewie Griffon.
by Griffin May 11, 2004
A nonexistant number but really funny to see on public thermometers.
"It is apparently -0 degrees out..."
by Griffin February 28, 2005
Somebody who has a (sexual) affinity with plants; a tree humper
"The herbosexual looked longingly at the mighty oak."
by Griffin February 28, 2005
Used to described the letter "u" found in a word that can otherwise be spelled without it. Quite often found in English spellings.
honour = honor
favourite = favorite
colour = color
by Griffin February 28, 2005
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