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Someone stuck in the 90s, a few of them not being from the 90s but into 90s shows and culture. Most 90s kids did grow up in the 90s but don't realize half the stuff they 'remember' is stuff kids from the 2000s also remember. They're stuck in a decade and won't let go of it, for better or worst. Most 90s Kids say everything in the 2000s suck because it wasn't from their generation, and most of the time they haven't even watched said shows that 'suck' without giving any backup to why except it not being from their decade.
Regular Kid: God I really like Regular Show and Penguins of Madagascar.

90s Kid: Those shows suck!

Regular Kid: Have you ever seen them?

90s Kid: No, I haven't, they won't be as good as anything from the 90s.

Regular Kid: Then how do you know they suck?

90s Kid: ....
by GreyNeon July 30, 2011

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