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2 definitions by GreyFire

An outsider, or one who doesn't fit in with the rest. Commonly used as an insult to other people.
Talkative boy sees a quiet boy standing alone next to the bleachers.

"Yo bopsnitch! Why don't you do talk to that wall? It says more than you do, anyway!"


There are ten red pieces of paper and one green one in a pile at a craft fair.

Lady: "That one piece of paper is such a bopsnitch. Let's rip it."
by GreyFire August 06, 2011
Eddplant is a musician/vlogger on Youtube.com. He plays guitar like a rockstar, because he is one. His music is inspiring and written from the heart. He lives, currently, with his friends Tom Milsom and Tom Bacon in a flat. He is a Quaker. Ed has two EPs, and an album called Confidence Tricks. (Every song on that album is WORTH BUYING and that is WHAT YOU SHOULD GO DO after reading this.) He doesn't like people to know his real name, because he doesn't want people labeling him in their iPods as anything but 'Eddplant'. (No, I will not tell you what his real name is. Even though I do know.) Ed is said to be a very nice person who gives good hugs. He is a very respectable person. <3

(He's my personal hero.)
by GreyFire March 31, 2011