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An eyebrow afro. Not bushy but a jungle.
-Barry White has nothing on that guys eyefro.

-George Castanzas black boss Mr.Morgan at the Yankees on The Wink episode of Seinfeld is the poster example of a man with a eyefro.
by Greib Minzadian February 02, 2010
The crusty organic substance accumulated on an unclean vagina. Cunt Lint is developed when a woman goes too long without bathing or douching. Effects are worse if woman is dry or post menopausal. Cunt Lint is closely related to Belly Button Lint.
Guy: Damn Gloria, you have to much Cunt Lint down there, your vajay feels like moist sandpaper.

Gloria: I don't believe in bathing, I like my own natural scent :-)
by Greib Minzadian April 26, 2011
A Pina Colada mixed with Coca Cola Classic "Coke". Hense: Cocolada. A Very delicious and refreshing combination. Best way to try it is at 711 by mixing the two Slurpee flavors if available.
Ramoon: Yo Greib you be sippin on dat cocolada all the time

Greib: Cause I know whats good pup
by Greib Minzadian November 02, 2010
The softest form of a Headbutt, whereas two people each with hair worthy of being considered an Afro Headbutt each other.
Martinelli: Yo Greib! Lets Frobutt broseph!

Greib: Valid! (The two chums lean heads down and knock noggins together)

Martinelli: That didn't hurt at all

Greib: Valid!
by Greib Minzadian October 16, 2011
The spectrum of vaginal stench. If thy cunt smells like trout get the fuck out. If thy cunt smells of flowers it is worthy of golden showers. A tight flowery moist vagina is the most sought after thing on all of earth. A loose fishy dry cunt is the most repelling thing on all of earth. All hail the moist tight flowery cunt! ;)
Arb: Yo I heard you smashing that bitch last night! Was she fish or flowers?

Greib: Flowers MOFUCKA. I'm too good for dat fishy cunt!
by Greib Minzadian November 10, 2011
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